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Sarah Jickling Vancouver Songwriter

Villian by Sarah Jickling

About this song:

‘Villian’ is the 2nd single from Sarah Jickling’s new album The Family Curse which is set for release on November 8th. On The Family Curse Sarah explores mental illness within families and intergenerational trauma, and documents her childhood experiences and revelations about her family’s history of bipolar disorder. ‘Villian’ taps into a particularly destructive time in Sarah’s life.

“There was a period in my life where I felt like I was watching myself from far away, totally out of control,” says Sarah. “Depression and anger had turned me into someone I didn’t recognize, and I remember thinking over and over, ‘this time I’m the villain.’ I had a habit of smashing all of the dishes in my house, so for this song, we used samples of actual plates smashing as percussion. I worked on this song with Laura Smith (Rococode), Carol Lynne Quinn (High Love) and Greg McLeod, and they all pushed me to go places that were scary and uncomfortable at first but ultimately powerful.” 

Sarah Jickling’s new single ’Villian’ will be released on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services on Friday, August 23rd.