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Circle by Memorial

A Harmonic Voyage Through Tragedy and Hope

A Luminous Beacon in Folk’s Evolving Landscape

In the vast sea of indie folk, Memorial’s latest single “Circle” emerges as a poignant narrative, weaving a tale of loss, cyclical energy, and the tangible presence of memories. Released on February 27, 2024, by Real Kind Records, this track precedes their much-anticipated album “Redsetter,” setting the stage for what promises to be a transformative journey through sound and soul.

Memorial, an acclaimed alt-folk duo known for their brass-flecked melodies and heartrending harmonies, has once again captured the essence of human experience with “Circle.” Drawing comparisons to the likes of Simon & Garfunkel and Sufjan Stevens, Memorial, consisting of Ollie Spalding and Jack Watts, delves into the depths of personal tragedy to emerge with a song that resonates with anyone who has faced loss.

“Circle” is not just a song; it’s a heartfelt reflection on the cyclical nature of life and energy. Inspired by the real-life sorrow of a family friend who lost their partner and two dogs within a week, Spalding and Watts channeled their empathy into music, crafting a piece that aches with the pain of bereavement yet offers a comforting embrace in the belief of energy’s eternal cycle.

A Testament to Friendship and Musical Synergy

At the core of Memorial’s music is the unbreakable bond between Spalding and Watts. Their friendship, predating their musical collaboration, infuses their work with an intimacy and understanding that is rare and precious. This connection shines through in “Circle,” where the interplay of their voices carries a profound sense of sharing and consolation.

Memorial’s approach to music is one of raw honesty and emotional integrity. “Circle” exemplifies this philosophy, as it captures the immediacy of feeling as if the song were being crafted in the moment, a direct transmission of heart to heart. This authenticity is a hallmark of Memorial’s sound, one that has garnered them accolades and a dedicated following.

Looking Ahead: “Redsetter” and Beyond

“Circle” is but the first glimpse into “Redsetter,” an album that promises to explore new textures and themes while staying true to Memorial’s foundational ethos. The album, set for release on May 10th, 2024, through Lucy Rose’s Real Kind Records, marks a significant milestone in Memorial’s career, embodying their growth as artists and individuals.

As they prepare for a UK tour in May and June 2024, Memorial stands at a pivotal point, poised to reach new heights with “Redsetter.” The duo’s journey is a compelling narrative of friendship, creativity, and resilience, with “Circle” serving as a powerful testament to their artistry and vision.