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Daylight by Something in the Lake

A Sonic Mosaic of Grit and Grace

Something in the Lake, a London-based band known for their genre-bending exploits, has released “Daylight,” a track that encapsulates their adventurous spirit and sonic exploration. Released just 17 hours ago, on January 18, 2024, “Daylight” stands as a bold statement in the realms of Trip-Hop, Alternative Rock, and Industrial music.

Self-produced by band members studying production at the Guildhall School of Music, “Daylight” is a testament to their technical prowess and creative ambition. The track was born in the modest confines of bedroom studios in North London, with drums recorded at Harri Chambers’ studio in Woolwich. Band member Torin Umrigar has skillfully stretched, torn, detuned, and then meticulously stitched the drum tracks back together. This process, combined with multi-tracking various instruments and sounds over months, results in a track that’s both warm and wildly experimental.

“Daylight” resonates with a tape hiss that adds an old-school charm, re-amped to a heavy degree, giving the track a palpable intensity. It’s a piece that carries the weight of its production journey, showcasing the band’s ability to transform ordinary recordings into something extraordinary.

The song’s inspiration, as explained by vocalist Leon, speaks to the liberation found in detachment from material desires, allowing for new beginnings and the ingress of natural light. This philosophical underpinning gives “Daylight” a depth that transcends its musical composition. The track is not just a sonic experience; it’s a reflection on freedom and the pursuit of something more profound.

The band’s previous successes, including their single ‘Listener’ being crowned X-POSURE HOT ONE by John Kennedy (Radio X) and their debut EP ‘Numina’ receiving acclaim, set a high bar that “Daylight” effortlessly meets. Their ability to craft songs that resonate both technically and emotionally is further cemented with this release.

For fans and new listeners alike, “Daylight” is a must-listen. Explore Something in the Lake’s musical journey on Spotify and follow them on Instagram for more updates:

Drawing comparisons to artists like Radiohead, Portishead, and Massive Attack, “Daylight” by Something in the Lake is a masterful blend of grit and grace. It’s a track that not only showcases the band’s diverse influences and production skills but also offers a glimpse into their philosophical musings. “Daylight” is a vivid, pulsating journey through the minds of its creators, a journey that’s as enlightening as it is entertaining.