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Quiet Mary by Historic Buildings

Sonic Canvas Painted with Nostalgia and Intrigue

In the bustling indie scene of Chicago, a new voice emerges with Historic Buildings’ debut track “Quiet Mary,” a part of their three-song EP, “Kicker.” Released under Boneless Bear Recording Company, this song stands as a poignant ode to the unseen stories woven into the fabric of everyday life.

From its inception as a gentle acoustic piece, “Quiet Mary” evolved in the hands of Historic Buildings into a rich, multi-layered creation. The song’s metamorphosis mirrors the band’s journey from their formation in spring 2023 to their current status as a promising new act on the indie rock and indie pop horizon.

Imagine a song that captures the essence of a fleeting childhood memory, transforming it into a narrative that resonates with adult sensibilities. The lyrics of “Quiet Mary” revolve around a mysterious woman from the songwriter’s childhood, a figure of silent sorrow and intrigue. This character, once merely a curious presence, unfolds in the song as a symbol of missed connections and unspoken stories. It’s a contemplative piece, inviting listeners to reflect on the narratives we might have overlooked in our own lives.

Historic Buildings, with their roots in the rich musical soil of Chicago, bring to their music an eclectic mix of influences. They echo the styles of Alex G, Youth Lagoon, Built To Spill, Broken Social Scene, and Modest Mouse, yet carve out a distinct niche for themselves. Their sound is an artful blend of moody, sad, and energetic tones, creating a sonic experience that is both reflective and invigorating.

As a band fresh on the scene and just beginning to play live, Historic Buildings carries the promise of growth and evolution. With plans to record a full album by the upcoming summer, they are poised to add more chapters to their musical story.

For those eager to delve into the heart of Historic Buildings’ music and stay updated on their journey, their presence can be found across several platforms:

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“Quiet Mary” stands as a captivating first impression from Historic Buildings, offering a glimpse into the depth and narrative richness that the band is capable of delivering. It’s a track that invites us to look beyond the surface, to find the stories hidden in plain sight. As Historic Buildings continue to forge their path in the music world, “Quiet Mary” will undoubtedly remain a significant marker of their artistic beginnings.