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December 31 by Attics

Attics is a Brooklyn band that holds it’s earliest beginnings as schoolmates in a Massachusetts high school. Recording their first demo in the drummers (Noam Schatz) attic; appropriately the name stuck. Attics have been focused on writing and recording the last few years, not getting ensnared by the life of the beleaguered travelling act. This release is the start of a new journey to promote and share what has been carefully crafted these last few years.

“December 31” is a melancholy farewell to 2019. An invitation to a world of reversals and reinventions: “I was born in a hearse, lived my life in reverse”. Opening with vocal harmonies, auditorium piano, and finger-picked guitar, the cinematic arrangement builds over crackling electric guitars and pulsating rhythms. Elegant and strange.

This track is full of singable moments, wry storytelling, and haunting textures. Drawing inspiration from Brazilian tropicalia, British invasion, NYC art rock, and early electronic music, Attics’ indie rock sound has garnered praise from L Magazine and been compared to Tame Impala, Kevin Morby, and Fleet Foxes. The warmth of decades of friendship among the band mates is evident in the consistently sophisticated songwriting and surprising arrangements. Elegant and strange.  

The comparison to Fleet Foxes is so accurately haunting, they have an eclectic mix of finger-style guitar and percussive strumming patterns.  The layering in the track is sublime, and vocally poignant on so many levels. 

December 31, is a brooding track that captures the heart and energy of human nature, culminating in the closing line… “I’m lonely baby, please don’t go.”