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Director by Sweat

Today I’m transported from the familiar and admittedly dull ambience of my desk, screen and earphones to the mountaintops of the Midddle East. It’s like an imaginary breath of crisp, fresh mountain air; an exotic getaway in sound when much of the world is isolated in the familiar sights and smells and moods of our own homes. For me, it’s a welcome escape.

It’s the new single entitled Director released by London-based electro pop band Sweat. Already picked up by BBC Radio 1, the song is a creative and compelling combination of smooth, fluid electronic bass beats, and the warm, spicy flavours of eastern stringed instruments. The song truly soars under the influence of featuring Kurdish vocal artist and activist Dashni Morad. Morad’s vocal work is earthy and stirring, stunning in its vibrancy and authenticity.

Composed and self-produced by Sweat, frontman Dante Traynor explains, “The groove was driven by our love for middle eastern pop, so to work with Dashni Morad was a dream come true. Her voice perfectly conveys the mythical power of the Director as she rises from success to success. Once we’d recorded the chorus together, Dashni wanted to try some vocals in the Kurdish mountain singing style. We all just sat with our eyes closed while she did a freeform take all the way through the song – it was one of the most powerful emotional experiences we’ve had in the studio.”

Even if your usual taste doesn’t include ethnic dishes, the beauty and beat of Director will be easy on your palate and will warm its way into your soul–and perhaps into your vehicle with the windows rolled down. It’s irresistable.

Director is featured on the upcoming ‘Sentimental Sunset’ EP, a four-track collection which will be released on December 4, 2020 with a special Virtual Reality show at SweatNet following on Monday December 7th.