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Dreamer by Morcheeba Productions

Paul Godfrey returns to his roots with his very first vocalist Rachel Cuming and a brand new album under the moniker Morcheeba Productions.

For an album closely intertwined with death, loss and personal turmoil, Morcheeba Productions’ first album, <Cool Your Soul> is remarkably upbeat. Resolutely so. The LP explores enormous emotional themes through drifting soul, silvery Francophile pop, and pagan hip hop but it was recorded with a grin as well as a furrowed brow.

 “We spent most of our time together in the studio making each other laugh,” says producer Paul Godfrey. Singer Rachel Cuming grins and agrees. She explains, “We have always been comfortable in the studio together, and have similar ideas about music. When we first knew each other I learned so much and soaked up Paul’s energy and inquisitiveness for production and sound. I don’t think that’s ever gone away.”