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Dyed In Wool by psykhi

The world of music is vast and varied, with artists emerging from every corner, each bringing their unique stories and sounds. Among these artists is the Ghanaian-born, London-based musician, psykhi, who has recently unveiled his new EP, “Forest People”. This EP is a testament to his introspective nature, a blend of punk, indie, rock, and rap, reflecting the patterns of human thought and behavior.

Among the tracks in this EP, “Dyed In Wool” stands out not just for its catchy 80s-esque keyboard melody but for the profound message it carries. Drawing inspiration from the idiom “dyed in the wool”, which describes someone unwavering in their beliefs, psykhi directs his poetic prowess towards such individuals. With lines like, “You think you’re flawless since you feel this way,” he challenges the listener to introspect, to question, and to evolve. The track’s dynamic push-and-pull mechanism, oscillating between restrained lyrical potency and fiery punk-rock riffs, is a musical journey in itself.

The official music video for ‘Dyed In Wool’, directed by No Format (@no___format), is a monochromatic homage to the punk aesthetic of the late 70s and 80s. The collage effect mirrors the myriad facets of psykhi’s creative psyche, piecing together to form his memorable tracks.

Psykhi’s journey into music is deeply personal. As a six-year-old, he believed a woman singing on television was his mother, sparking the idea that music was in his DNA. His upbringing, marked by the absence of his father and the comforting presence of his mother, was punctuated by fleeting musical moments. From gospel tunes at church to hits from Elton John and Nirvana on his grandpa’s radio, psykhi’s exposure to diverse genres has shaped his eclectic musical style.

His move to Dagenham, England, at 14, marked a significant shift in his life. Here, he discovered Shakespeare and nurtured his dream of becoming an artist. London later became his haven, where he found like-minded individuals, passionate about creating genre-defying work.

Born Jeptha Asiamah, or Jeff, it was the psychedelic allure of Tame Impala’s ‘Currents’ that birthed the persona of psykhi. While his music is a blend of memories, experiences, and influences, psykhi is more fascinated by the patterns and systems he observes around him. Jeff’s journey from Ghana to London, from glimpses of music to creating his own, is a testament to his resilience, passion, and unique perspective.

“Dyed In Wool” and the entire “Forest People” EP is a gift for the outsiders, for those who’ve ventured into the depths of their minds and emerged with tales to tell. Psykhi’s music, born from memories both real and imagined, is a beacon for all who seek authenticity in a world of noise.