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Eastside by SØ and Typical DiV

Charting New Paths in Music

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of music production and artistry, SØ and Typical DiV stand out for their unique blend of creativity and innovation. Emerging from diverse backgrounds, they are crafting their distinct paths in the music industry, bringing fresh sounds and perspectives to the forefront.

“Eastside”: A Melodic Intersection of Styles

Early in their collaborative journey, SØ and Typical DiV have made a significant impact with their track “Eastside.” Released by Middle of Made / Icy Fret Productions, this song is a masterful blend of classic boom bap rhythms and shining guitar melodies. Typical DiV demonstrates his lyrical expertise with a smooth, technical verse that perfectly complements SØ’s intricate production. The track showcases their ability to merge different musical styles into something both familiar and refreshingly new, setting the tone for their innovative approach to music.

SØ: A Trailblazer in Music Production

Sean Michael O’Neil, known as SØ, began his music production career in 2015 and quickly established himself as a force in the industry. His partnership with Matthew Feldman led to the creation of Hypothetical, a duo that perfectly encapsulated their shared vision. SØ’s notable contributions, especially on Metro Boomin’s “Not All Heroes Wear Capes,” highlight his talent for blending various musical styles. His guitar work on “No More,” featuring artists like Travis Scott, 21 Savage, and Kodak Black, is particularly commendable. Moving into 2022, SØ is poised to explore new horizons with solo projects and fresh collaborations.

Typical DiV: Crafting a Distinct Musical Identity

Typical DiV, originally from Victorville, California, and now based in Atlanta, brings a diverse array of influences to his music. His eclectic sound, drawing from artists such as Wale, Leon Bridges, and Linkin Park, reflects his unique journey and passion for storytelling. This diversity is also mirrored in his interest in coffee roasting at Cafe Fwi, where the complexity of flavors echoes the complexity of his musical output.

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