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YKYR by Lunar Isles

A Tapestry of Dreamy Indie-Pop and Shoegaze

In the labyrinth of modern music, where new songs often blend into a monotonous soundscape, Lunar Isles’ single “YKYR” emerges as a distinct beacon of creativity and emotional depth. This track, a centerpiece of the Atlas EP, intricately weaves the shoegaze and indie rock tapestry, resonating with themes of denial, procrastination, and mental burnout.

A Blend of Influences and Emotions
“YKYR” is an eclectic mix of modern rock and moody undertones, drawing inspiration from bands like Her’s and Beach Fossils, with a nod to the iconic Joy Division. Lunar Isles, the brainchild of Scottish multi-instrumentalist David Skimming, now based in South Korea, showcases a unique ability to blend surf-tinged bedroom pop with a DIY ethos.

The Atlas EP: A Journey Through the Psyche
The Atlas EP, where “YKYR” finds its home, is not just a collection of songs but a narrative on contemporary struggles. It delves into denial, procrastination, and mental burnout – themes incredibly relevant in today’s fast-paced world. Each track in the EP, including “YKYR,” serves as a chapter in this introspective journey, inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences and emotions.

Musicality and Lyrical Depth
“YKYR” stands out for its delicate balance of dreamy soundscapes and introspective lyrics. The song’s structure – with its lush, atmospheric synths and intricate guitar work – creates a sense of otherworldly beauty. This track, along with others from Lunar Isles’ album “Right Way Round,” reviewed as a “triumph of dreamy indie-pop” by Qrates, showcases Skimming’s ability to craft songs that are both sonically rich and emotionally resonant.

Engagement and Online Presence
Fans of Lunar Isles and indie music enthusiasts can dive deeper into the world of “YKYR” and other tracks by following the artist on various platforms: Spotify (, SoundCloud (, YouTube (, Bandcamp (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( Each platform offers a unique insight into Skimming’s creative process and the story behind his music.