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Easy To Learn by Zoe Konez

The new single “Easy to Learn” by Zoe Konez is a testament to her talent as a multi-instrumentalist and captivating guitarist. Squirrelled away in her home studio in Brixton, London, Zoe has crafted an intimate and thoughtful indie folk sound that embraces quiet contemplation, observing life and relationships through personal yet universally relatable lyrics.

Zoe’s musical journey has been an intriguing one, and it shows in the emotional depth and maturity of her music. The year 2020 was a challenging one for most people, but Zoe turned it into an opportunity to connect with her fans through her ‘Tea With Me at 3’ series. She went live every day at 3 pm and played a cover song while having a daily chat with her audience. This led to the creation of a Patreon subscriber club where she engaged with her inner circle of fans through composing and releasing a set of ‘Mini Songs’ during 2021, inspired by the personal stories they shared with her.

In 2022, Zoe toured the UK with fellow singer/songwriter Roxanne de Bastion before hitting the road with her indie synth-pop band CATBEAR in January and February 2023, supporting indie rock legends The Subways on their UK tour. And now, in 2023, Zoe is back with a new solo single – “Easy To Learn” – which she released on April 14th, with a follow-up single coming in the summer and a new ‘Mini Songs’ EP inspired by more stories from her subscriber club members to be released later in the year.

“Easy To Learn” is a soulful and introspective track that showcases Zoe’s musical brilliance. The lush, airy vocals float over high-fretted guitar fingerpicking, evoking the organic and cosy indie folk atmospheres of Novo Amor and Hollow Coves. What’s unique about Zoe’s music is that she draws inspiration from nature and incorporates soundscapes from different places she spends time in, into her songs. On “Easy To Learn,” the sound of sea waves recorded knee-deep in the incoming tide on a tranquil afternoon in the sun on the historic coastline of Jersey weaves in amongst cinematic acoustic textures – breathing a fragment of the coastal landscapes Zoe loves to surround herself with, into her urban home studio environment.

The inspiration for “Easy To Learn” came from Zoe spending time in the Devon countryside with loved ones, including time with a new arrival in the family. The lyrics reflect on resilience – which Zoe sees as one of the most valuable attributes a person can have through life. Whilst the song has an emotive, melancholic undertone that hints at a lack of her own resilience building up during her own challenging childhood, it is undoubtedly hopeful – as Zoe experiences the joy of seeing a young person grow up in a supportive environment, knowing that whatever happens, they have all they need to be held and helped to bounce back when needed in life.

“Easy To Learn” is a beautiful and emotional track that showcases Zoe Konez’s remarkable talent as a musician and songwriter. Her music has depth and maturity that is rare to find in today’s music scene, and this new single is no exception. We look forward to hearing more from Zoe in the future and can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.