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Loving For A Season by Mcclendon

Mcclendon’s latest single, “Loving for a Season,” is a stunning soft rock ballad that showcases his apocalyptic indie rock vision. The track is painted in shades of analog synth brass, granular ambience, Bonham-esque rock drums, and powerful tenor sax tones, creating a retro-futuristic space-age soundtrack that transports listeners to another world. The track’s poignant lyrics trace the dissolution of a doomed relationship, and Mcclendon’s powerful tenor vocals carry the weight of the emotional baggage.

What’s truly remarkable about “Loving for a Season” is that it was written and recorded in just 90 minutes via text message .wav files between Mcclendon and co-writer and co-producer Tommy Champion. This spontaneous creativity is a testament to Mcclendon’s artistic vision and his ability to trust his instincts and collaborate with other creatives to bring his ideas to fruition.

Mcclendon’s music has always been a fusion of heavy indie rock, epic vocal stacks, and analog synth sound design, and “Loving for a Season” is no exception. The track blends hints of artists like The Blue Nile and Justin Vernon, but ultimately lives in a world of its own. It’s a beautiful and powerful addition to Mcclendon’s discography and a testament to his growth as an artist.

The upcoming debut album “The Garden” promises to push Mcclendon’s sense of composition, harmony, and structure even further. The album weaves in and out of dark indie psychedelia, acoustic rumination, and synth-laden rock, and features collaborations with producer, writer, and sound designer Tommy Champion. Together, the two have been perfecting the album’s nine tracks for over a year, recording mostly in their studios in Nashville and Brooklyn, NYC.

Overall, “Loving for a Season” is a stunning single that showcases Mcclendon’s unique artistic vision and his ability to push boundaries and collaborate with other creatives to bring his ideas to life. It’s a beautiful addition to his discography and a promising preview of what’s to come on “The Garden.”