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“Esoteric Women, Junk Trunk Blues, and Beyond: Discovering the Intrigue of Jon-Olov Woxlin’s Latest Album


Jon-Olov Woxlin, the talented Swedish singer/songwriter and genuine folk contemporary, has recently unveiled his latest album, “Junk Trunk.” Recorded during a captivating afternoon in December of last year, this album encapsulates the essence of Americana, folk rock, and country music, while maintaining a raw and natural quality that is rarely found in contemporary recordings.

True to his signature style, Jon-Olov Woxlin infuses each track on “Junk Trunk” with his unique blend of heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies. With only three instruments plus vocals per track, Woxlin and his talented collaborators manage to create a rich and layered sound that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

One of the defining features of Woxlin’s recording process is his aversion to re-takes during sessions. He firmly believes that re-takes often strip songs of their natural essence, robbing them of the raw and authentic live feeling that he cherishes. This philosophy shines through in the organic quality of “Junk Trunk,” where every track feels like an intimate live performance captured in time.

Woxlin’s captivating vocals and masterful guitar work serve as the foundation of each song on the album. His heartfelt delivery and genuine emotion draw the listener in, evoking a range of emotions and painting vivid pictures with his lyrics. Whether he is crooning a heartfelt ballad or belting out an energetic anthem, Woxlin’s voice captivates and enchants.

To complement his vocals and guitar, Woxlin enlisted the talents of his fellow musicians to bring additional depth and flavor to the album. Björn Petersson on double bass provides a steady and resonant backbone, while Erik Gunnars Risberg, handling steel guitar, dobro, mandolin, and fiddle, weaves intricate melodies and harmonies throughout the tracks. The synergy between these musicians is evident, creating a seamless sonic tapestry that elevates the songs to new heights.

There is a natural tendency to hear Bob Dylan and liken his troubadour style to that of early 60’s folk artists. Similarly, Jon-Olov Woxlin’s music possesses an unmistakable authenticity that harkens back to the roots of folk music. Just like Dylan, Woxlin weaves poetic narratives with his lyrics, drawing inspiration from the human experience and societal issues. His introspective storytelling and ability to capture the essence of a moment evoke shades of the legendary troubadour, making Woxlin a contemporary torchbearer of the folk tradition.

With song titles like “Esoteric Women of the Night” and “Junk Trunk Blues,” Jon-Olov Woxlin’s album takes listeners on a whimsical journey through the nooks and crannies of his musical imagination. Woxlin’s witty song titles are just a glimpse into the kaleidoscope of creativity that awaits eager ears, ready to be whisked away into a world where the esoteric and the bluesy collide with delightful abandon.

The mixing and mastering of “Junk Trunk” was expertly handled by Björn Petersson himself, who ensures that each instrument and vocal track melds together harmoniously. The result is a polished yet authentic sound that showcases the true essence of Woxlin’s vision.

With “Junk Trunk,” Jon-Olov Woxlin cements his status as a remarkable voice in the realm of Americana, folk rock, and country music. His commitment to authenticity, combined with his unwavering passion for live performance, results in an album that resonates deeply with audiences. “Junk Trunk” is an exquisite showcase of Woxlin’s talent, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the forthcoming chapters of his musical journey.