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Falling Awake by Korder

Where Guitars Drift and Voices Merge Under the Veil of Twilight

Released just hours ago, Korder’s debut single “Falling Awake” is a luminous entry into the indie music scene, showcasing a rich tapestry of shoegaze and dream pop sensibilities. Featured on BBC Introducing, this track is not just a song but an ethereal experience, masterfully mixed by Tom Rea of junodream and refined under the prestigious roofs of AIR Studios by John Webber.

“Falling Awake” is an auditory journey marked by its poignant thematic core – the tumultuous sea of overthinking and the paradoxical quest for peace in the silence of the night. It captures an intimate battle with anxiety and inspiration, a theme that resonates deeply in today’s ever-spinning world. Korder, consisting of Sam Cordingley and Roxane Kamaroudis, weaves their diverse cultural backgrounds into a vibrant fabric of sound, blending ethereal vocal harmonies with a hypnotic guitar backdrop.

The track opens with a delicate, shimmering guitar that sets a reflective tone, soon joined by the dual vocals of Sam and Roxane, whose chemistry is palpable. Their voices, a blend of clarity and reverie, float over the listener like a soft mist. As the song progresses, it builds into a crescendo of spacey slide guitar solos, leaving one almost floating in its wake.

The production elements of “Falling Awake” deserve a special mention. The use of reverse vocal effects and a subtle yet profound layering of sounds create a dreamy, almost otherworldly feeling that perfectly encapsulates the essence of falling into a deep, restless dream. The decision to blend traditional shoegaze guitars with innovative electronic elements marks Korder as a band willing to explore and push boundaries.

Influenced by bands like Beach House and Sigur Rós, Korder manages to hold their own, presenting a sound that is both familiar and refreshingly new. The track invites listeners to delve into their own late-night contemplations, making it a perfect companion for introspection and exploration.

Korder is undoubtedly a name to keep an eye on. With “Falling Awake,” they have set the bar high for themselves and the genre, promising more sonic adventures in the landscapes of indie music.