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Feeling Like A Blur by Nima

Feeling Like a Blur focuses on the chaos that you run into consciously and unconsciously.

’Feeling Like a Blur’ takes your hand and follows you to 00:00 where everything seems blurred as reality and delusions meet and depart simultaneously. The single builds upon an idea about how chaos is expressed in the opposite feelings that inspire you to hit the town and blur your consciousness. The song plays with the lyrics and language and mirrors the duality of how the night out can seem like both an escape from- and a way of enjoying the chaos.

‘It expresses a way to drown the end of the day by seeing past the future all because you can’t sense the present properly – a veil of unrecognizable that can be a field of opportunities for everything, both things you can and cannot remember.’

Markus Nyberg (lead singer)

The music has been a long time coming, and during the years it has grown into a small life of its own, experiencing different stages of great musicians and interpretations. Throughout the past years, Nima has also worked with the acclaimed producers Kristoffer Alm (Brian Eno, Artifact Collective, Morild) & Mads Mølgaard (Brian Eno, Mew, Tim Christensen) who wanted to work with Nima’s intimate stories.

The lyrics and music in Nima are inspired by the personal story of a chaotic childhood where a young kid was given too much responsibility. The lyrics are presented as stories of the different events that occur during a life; especially the story of a child that had to take on too much responsibility of the adults in the home, to how a more stable fondness of life is felt as you grow out of the responsibilities of the childhood and into your own life.

’’Nima’ feels like a musical personification of the mixed emotions you experience in a hospital where illness, joy and sorrow is brought in to be treated in a necessary, ambivalent mix.’

Markus Nyberg

The themes in the lyrics are complex and filled with paradoxes that make the listener curious about what the underlying stories could be as well as making explicit space for everyone’s interpretations.

The name ’Nima’ is inspired by a monitored hospital ward, that carries the same name, at the Danish hospital ‘Riget.’ It is also inspired by the Persian name, and together the two inspirations and the music create a persona and room of musical togetherness with the listener, where you are welcome to whisper out buried stories and feelings.