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Golden by Jovanni Cardenas

Annandale Virginia is the home of Jovanni Cardenas, a powerful songwriter, and brilliantly enigmatic songsmith. “Golden” is the second song from his new debut EP, “Lightyears.” The song features Jovanni’s creatively captivating vocal delivery, which is unmistakable. There is a quick wit in his expressions and an undulating passion that swells into each lyrical phrase.

In a quick listen to the track, you can get a sense of some of his pop muses, Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes, and Chelsea Cutler, to name a few. “Golden” presents a wider appeal through the modern pop production elements, however, I find it’s the light idiosyncrasies that draw me back for repeat listens. I continually find myself immersed in the rolling percussion and whimsical lead guitar cadence. Let’s not forget that pumping bass that fills the gaps and brings the track a solid foundation.

This song is more of an anthem about knowing your own worth and overcoming the mental obstacles that you face everyday. I know so many people who tear themselves down because of other people’s opinions and it hurts me to see that. I wish everyone was able to see that every person is special in their own way.

Jovanni Cardenas

The falsetto in Jovanni’s voice is almost drawn from a sort of fantasy novel. Since his first song launched in 2019, titled “Let You Go,” Jovanni has begun a groundswell of recognition starting in his hometown. The releases that followed, began to build his reputation and draw even more acclaim from the industry.