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Goldenrod by Lyle de Vitry: A Symphony of Strings and Soul

“A Whisper of Nostalgia in Every Note”

Lyle de Vitry’s debut single “Goldenrod” from his forthcoming album Door Within A Dream transports listeners to a serene meadow of sound and sentiment. Released just 13 days ago, the song is an intricate tapestry woven with innovative guitar tunings and ambient natural soundscapes that echo the essence of indie folk music.

A Fresh Musical Landscape

De Vitry’s song crafts a uniquely immersive experience, intertwining his self-developed guitar tuning with layers of ambient sounds like running creeks and soft breathing. This auditory setting isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a narrative device that pulls you into a reflective, almost spiritual journey. “Goldenrod” serves as a bridge between the familiarity of indie folk and the innovative edge of experimental music, inviting comparisons to luminaries like Nick Drake, whose influence gleams subtly in the tuning of each string.

Lyrics that Bloom

The lyrics of “Goldenrod” paint vivid images of a yellow meadow blooming in September, capturing the transient beauty of nature and the human experience within it. De Vitry’s use of imagery such as a “bent sculptor in motion” and the powerful simplicity of the refrain, “take me home,” evokes a deep sense of longing and belonging. The addition of harmonies by Maya de Vitry enhances this effect, weaving familial ties into the song’s fabric of home and memory.

Echoes of the Natural World

The song’s release aligns with a broader theme in de Vitry’s music: a heartfelt homage to the natural world. His approach is both an artistic statement and a call to mindfulness in an era dominated by digital distractions and environmental crises. It’s a reminder of the beauty that exists in the everyday and an invitation to preserve and cherish it.

An Ode to Musical Mastery

“Goldenrod” is a testament to Lyle de Vitry’s evolution as a musician. His background as a finalist in prestigious songwriting competitions and his collaborations with noted producers hint at his technical skill and creative ambition. This song is a bold step in a career that promises to blend skill with soul, offering a soundtrack for those in search of peace and introspection.


“Goldenrod” by Lyle de Vitry is a journey through the senses, a meditation on place and purpose. For those drawn to the introspective side of music, this track is a must-listen, promising to be a cornerstone of an album that speaks to both personal and universal themes.