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Good Person by Camille Schmidt: A Poignant Exploration of Vulnerability and Authenticity

Brooklyn Songstress Unveils Her Soul with Six Riveting Tracks


Camille Schmidt’s debut EP, Good Person, is a mesmerizing journey through the complexities of human emotions, captured in a raw and authentic soundscape. Released on June 2nd, this collection of six songs is an intimate exploration of vulnerability, love, and the masks we wear. With her razor-sharp lyrics and evocative melodies, Camille creates a musical experience that resonates deeply, inviting listeners to reflect on their own journeys of self-discovery.

Track by Track: A Deep Dive

  1. Your Game: The EP opens with “Your Game,” a candid examination of the power dynamics in a relationship. Camille’s introspective lyrics, “I can’t play your games when you make the rules,” reveal a deep-seated frustration and the realization of self-worth. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy melody provide a contrast to the heavier themes, making it a compelling start to the EP.
  2. Red and Blue: “Red and Blue” paints a vivid picture of emotional turmoil and the search for solace. The imagery of buying flowers and feeling “a little red, a little blue” is a striking depiction of the duality of emotions. Camille’s storytelling is at its best here, weaving a narrative that is both personal and universally relatable. The song’s layered instrumentation, including subtle saxophone accents, adds depth to the emotional landscape.
  3. Bumblebee Drinks Lavender: The EP’s focus track, “Bumblebee Drinks Lavender,” delves into the concept of addiction to ideals and the struggle to love and be loved authentically. Camille’s lyrics, “If I wasn’t addicted to the idea of god, tree, friend, mother, and good person, I could let myself love and be loved all the way through,” capture the essence of the EP’s theme. The soothing melody, reminiscent of a bumblebee’s gentle flight, underscores the song’s introspective nature, making it a standout track that lingers in the listener’s mind.
  4. Fakeout Ending: This track is a contemplative exploration of the fragile nature of love and the ease with which it can be tainted by external influences. Camille’s repetition of “you weren’t blue, you were just you” is a poignant reminder of the purity of love before it is exposed to the world. The minimalist arrangement allows the lyrics to shine, creating a powerful and introspective listening experience.
  5. Wake Up: With its urgent refrain of “wake up, wake up, wake up,” this track is a call to action, a plea to break free from the chains of a toxic relationship. Camille’s raw vocal delivery, paired with the driving rhythm, conveys a sense of desperation and hope. The vivid imagery of a pigeon lying on the street and a man urging it to wake up serves as a powerful metaphor for the struggle to reclaim one’s life and sanity.
  6. Bird on a Telephone Wire: Camille closes her EP with an emotionally charged narrative that sets the tone for what’s to come. The song’s lyrics, “I’ve lived my whole life in shame, like a child in the corner, back turned away,” immediately draw listeners into a world of introspection and heartache. The gentle strumming of the guitar, coupled with Camille’s haunting vocals, creates an atmosphere of melancholy that is both beautiful and poignant. This track is a raw portrayal of the pain of unfulfilled love and the desire for genuine connection.

Brooklyn-based songwriter Camille Schmidt is known for her razor-sharp lyrics and catchy melodies. Her music masterfully plays with language, creating songs that are both beautiful and poignant—a celebration of grief and anger and the beauty of the banal. Camille’s work has drawn comparisons to notable artists such as Phoebe Bridgers and Adrianne Lenker, resonating deeply with listeners and offering a fresh and compelling voice in the indie music scene. Performing regularly with her band around NYC, Camille’s songs connect profoundly with her audience, showcasing her talent and emotional depth.

Recorded with producer Phil Weinrobe, known for his work with Adrianne Lenker, Tomberlin, and Florist, Good Person was brought to life in a spontaneous and organic recording process. Phil instructed Camille not to share any songs with the band beforehand and not to create a tracklist for the EP. Instead, when they arrived at Sugar Mountain studio, Camille played whichever song felt most present to her that day, choosing from a few hundred songs she’d written over the previous two years. The band, featuring Brooklyn-based guitarist Sam Talmadge, drummer Pele Greenberg, and LA-based bassist Eli Heath, began experimenting immediately, and whenever the vibes felt right, Phil would hit record without allowing them to listen back.

Guitarist Jacob Drab and saxophonist Stuart Bogie later added overdubs, deepening the album’s soundscape while maintaining the raw and authentic sound of the band playing together in the studio. This unique approach reflects the joy and authenticity of the creative process, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into Camille Schmidt’s artistry.

The songs on Good Person explore the idea of what it means to be a “good person,” with each track addressing the theme of shedding a different mask. Camille delves into the concept of wearing masks—the self we present to others—as a form of addiction. By the end of the album, in the deeply honest track “Bird on a Telephone Wire,” she strips away all pretenses and stands vulnerable before her listeners, singing, “I’ve lived my whole life in shame, like a child in the corner, back turned away.”

Camille Schmidt’s Good Person is a remarkable debut that showcases her talent as a songwriter and her ability to convey deep emotions through music. The EP is a testament to the power of vulnerability and the beauty of authenticity. Each track is a carefully crafted narrative that invites listeners to embark on a journey of self-reflection and emotional growth. As Camille continues to perform around NYC, her music is sure to captivate and inspire, marking her as a compelling new voice in the indie music scene.