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RoseMarie Fairweather on IMR'

Heavenly by Rosemary Fairweather

A super fun track from the 25-year-old Canadian singer/songwriter Rosemary Fairweather came out today!

Heavenly is a brilliant little indie-pop tune that steps a little on the dream-pop side with a more upbeat tempo. Vocally she has a kind almost sweetheart sound; is that a thing? Her vocal range is much like her contemporary Hazel English.

Rosemary has really great pacing in her tracks, and I really appreciate the ’80’s kind of “Stranger Things” soundtrack vibe that’s going on. Ultimately the track is very cool, the beat is conjuring some of it’s best, albeit soft, Daft Punk (Get Lucky) groove.

You can find more from Rosemary Fairweather here: