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Heavy, Crazy, Serious by Blank & Kytt
Heavy, Crazy, Serious by Blank & Kytt

Heavy, Crazy, Serious by Blank & Kytt

Technical Aspects
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Smooth Undertones and Minimal Samples
Production is a miss, Unnecessary vulgar language on Deniro

Blank & Kytt are a treasure, no matter that they are free to listen. Exceptional beats and transphonic (is that a word?) jams that leave the listener fully engaged. Check out the track “Cassette Thing” to find a pop dilla beat that absolutely moves. “RSPN” may be my favorite track on this album, led by a funk inspired guitar riff and vocal sample that is incredibly obscure. I’ll just leave you with the bio found on their FMA (Free Music Archive) page:

In cities where people still laugh at the clothes of others, difference is considered a weakness and progression measured in chain store volume, bedrooms become portals that the immediate outside cannot offer. Up in those closeted sanctuaries you discover who you are, shoulders curled forward over screens amidst the foggy dream of other worlds. Blank & Kytt understand. Defying the dying embers that barely light the city’s near extinguished soul, they turn out Dilla-inspired instrumentals with such prolific and unswerving ease all you can do is kneel at the altar of the internet and be thankful for the world’s that open up when the rest of the world is shut off and shit. (Tough Love Records, 2010.)