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Honesty by Davis John Patton

The heart and overall richness in this trak is undeniable. Davis John Patton was raised in the Midwest, and that humble, natural approach is living in his new single, Honesty. The track roams through the reflection of self perception, understanding and life’s realization of our own need for something greater than ourselves. We all need ”Grace on grace on grace.”

I am drawn to the thick vocal tone and beautifully poetic phrase in this song. I shouldn’t be surprised to hear that Davis wrote this and four other songs around a poetic muse. Starting many of the five songs from his latest release, ”Poetry” on a poetic muse.

The richness in the guitar voicing is also worth noting. I have herd thousands of acoustic ballads by many fine musicians and artists alike. However this recording and guitar tone is truly special. The simplicity in the cadence and the balance in the production is stunning.