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I Believe In Angels Too by Gerson Marta

A Melodic Union of Science and Faith

An Ethereal Journey Through Love’s Cosmic Landscape

Gerson Marta’s latest single, “I Believe In Angels Too,” is a heartfelt declaration that sails smoothly across the intricate waves of indie folk and pop rock, presenting an audacious blend that resonates with the tender-hearted and the scientifically minded alike. This song weaves a rich tapestry of cosmic curiosity and the unwavering belief in the metaphysical, inspired by the powerful emotion of love.

Drawing parallels with the artistry of Bon Iver, The Paper Kites, Simon & Garfunkel, the Eagles, and John Mayer, Marta crafts a narrative that is as universal as it is deeply personal. His music—recorded with minimal energy consumption, employing nothing but a ukulele, keyboards, and a computer sans sound card—captures a sense of intimacy and grandeur that feels like a cozy embrace in a vast universe.

Lyrics That Navigate the Cosmos of the Heart

At its core, “I Believe In Angels Too” explores the dichotomy between the tangible truths of science and the intangible essence of faith, setting the stage for a profound exploration of love’s transformative power. Marta’s lyrics serve as a bridge between the empirical and the emotional, suggesting that even those grounded in the physical world can find themselves believing in the ethereal when touched by love. “So many things that I don’t know / About the cosmic rays that cross through my bones / I trust in science that’s for sure / And I believe In it that’s indisputable,” he sings, before confessing, “But believe in Angels too / Since the day I fall for you.”

This song is not just a melody but a soulful ode to the theory of everything in love—a concept that science strives to define but only the heart truly understands. Marta posits that love, much like the universe, is vast, mysterious, and ultimately, a force that binds us all.

An Emotional Ballad for the Ages

Recorded in the comfort of a home studio, “I Believe In Angels Too” achieves a sound that is both grand and intimate, capturing the universal quest for understanding, love, and connection. The choice of instruments, combined with Marta’s earnest vocals, creates an atmosphere that is at once comforting and thought-provoking.

Gerson Marta, with roots in Luanda, Angola, and now residing in Portugal, brings a unique blend of cultural influences to his music. His journey from Angola to Portugal colors his music with a rich palette of sounds and emotions, making “I Believe In Angels Too” a testament to his artistry and his ability to connect with listeners across the globe.