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This is How (Remove It) by How???

A Sonic Journey from Movement to Meaning

Shedding the Mundane, Embracing the Artistic Struggle

In the ever-evolving landscape of indie music, How???’s latest single “This is How (Remove It)” emerges as a beacon of introspection, set against a backdrop of indietronica bliss mixed with the raw energy of indie and alternative rock. Released by Misra Records, this track is not just a song; it’s a narrative of transformation, reflection, and the unyielding quest for creative existence.

At first glance, the transition from “We’re movin'” to “Remove it” might seem like a simple change of lyrics, but delve deeper, and you’ll find a profound exploration of the artist’s journey. Matthew Dowling’s candid admission of his ‘lazy’ lyric writing process reveals a relatable and authentic struggle – the challenge of infusing meaning into melody. This transparency invites listeners into the vulnerable world of artistic creation, where the essence often emerges retrospectively, painting a picture of an artist grappling with the demands of creativity.

Alex Tebeleff’s insights into the song’s production process unveil a layer of complexity and experimentation reminiscent of legendary acts like Talking Heads and Roxy Music. This dedication to “radically open” transformations in the studio underscores the track’s innovative spirit, stripping away excess to reveal a core of unexpected simplicity and depth.

“This is How (Remove It)” is a testament to How???’s foundational principles of strong song-craft and the studio as an instrument. Echoing the diverse influences of Bob Dylan, Animal Collective, and even Kendrick Lamar, the track is a sonic collage that speaks to the universal language of music – a language that transcends conventional boundaries of genre and style.

Live performances promise an expansive experience, ranging from a two-piece set to a ten-piece ensemble, showcasing the duo’s versatility and commitment to the song’s evolution. This fluidity in presentation aligns with the band’s Americana Electronica sound, a refreshing and familiar blend that promises to captivate audiences and critics alike.