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kafka tamura

I Know I Know by Kafka Tamura

I Know I Know is about letting go of someone who’s not good for you. It’s important to realize when you’re being taken for granted and to challenge it.

Southampton / Berlin duo Kafka Tamura release the track I Know I Know and One Thousand with their new EP “Berlin” out 18th October.

Kafka Tamura recorded the songs in the JRS studio in Berlin, where stars like Rihanna, Jason Derulo, Lenny Kravitz, Lorde and Jamie Cullum have also worked. While the debut album was even more minimalist, now the duo treads new musical paths and explores its own limits: Bigger and more opulent, at the same time painfully intimate, aesthetic and straight forward. Emma’s voice and her deep lyrics plunge the songs into poetic melancholy with frightening ease.