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Icon (The Day Version) by Dakota

Amsterdam indie rock band DAKOTA gets praises and high fives by Antwerpen/Hamburg-based dream pop duo THE DAY, with a playful and cheery cover version of Dakota’s iconic hit “Icon”.

“After I saw Dakota play in Arnhem in 2016, I couldn’t stop talking about them and soon Gregor was a fan too,” says Laura Loeters, The Day’s singer and bass player. “Especially the song ‘Icon’ was the one we fell in love with after hearing it for the first time. So we knew right away that this was the song we wanted to cover.”

Driven by shaky guitar-synth lines and decent electronics in the background, THE DAY’s approach is slightly more shiny and definitely more 80ies-orientated than the original version. Which does not affect the lyrics after all, but adds an interesting, elegant spin instead. “Icon'” is about trying to be all that your cheating spouse wants you to be, but finally realizing that there’s just no way to do so. The only thing you can be and would ever want to be is yourself. Just never lose your dignity and grace.