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Small Deaths by The Feral Folk

The Feral Folk started in 2014 as the primary musical project of LaRoe (then Abi Grace).  They’ve been playing throughout the Upper West, taking multiple tours to Montana and back since their inception.  Their music blends the melodic prog rock backgrounds of Drummer/Producer Patrick James and Bassist Jeffrey Scott with LaRoe’s powerful folk-rock songwriting and vocal style.

“I know the law of tooth and claw but , somehow, you make me want to be a woman again” proclaims the second single of 2019 from the Seattle based Alter-cana band.  Returning to the rich fairy tale lyricism of  their 2016 release Feral As Folk, Small Deaths uses the imagery of Little Red Riding Hood to critique the narratives of what strength and power is.

“Despite the chorus, it’s not so much about LITERAL womanhood as it is about those things we associate with femininity and WANTING all of that for yourself again, and to a certain extent wanting to be HUMAN  again” songwriter Allie LaRoe explains. “ I wrote that song when I was just feeling depleted, like if I wanted to survive  in this industry I’d have to adapt to these really callous, really aggressive behaviors  – and then I met this person who had somehow managed to just maintain their own goodness and softness and it was like seeing it was doable gave me the courage to decide  I didn’t want to be an animal, or a machine, I wanted to be this soft, generous, abundantly loving human. “