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Magenta Sunrise by The Stargazer Lilies

If you ask Tom Fec aka TOBACCO why he urged John Cep and Kim Field aka The Stargazer Lilies to dive straight off the deep end, the producer will point you toward one of their shows from a couple summers ago. “It just hit me: they were way heavier than they seem,” he explains, “and that wasn’t translating in their recordings. Their old stuff is panoramic and smooth; I wanted 3D and bumpy.” 

To help get the Stargazer Lilies where they needed to be, Fec signed the band to his Rad Cult imprint and agreed to work on their third album. Not right away, though. He let Cep and Field — a couple in life and creativity — cast eight cuts in their own idiosyncratic image first. Once those pure, raw, and primal productions were ready, Fec stepped in to “thicken things up with cornstarch” and torture their guitar tones even further.

“Magenta Sunrise” is the searing album opener, and the second single from the upcoming album Occabot out November 1st.