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Marrying Kind by June Swoon

Juli Lydell, the artist behind the moniker June Swoon, has released her second single, “Marrying Kind,” from her upcoming album, “This Town Could Be Big Enough for the Both of Us” out on October 18th.”

Juli has a very eclectic sound derived primarily with rich-toned, guitar-driven, storytelling that paints her heart out for the listener. There are some very deep and introspective turns to this track that I can’t say enough about. My first listen of Marrying Kind captured me and is still holding on tight.

The intimacy in Juli’s vocal and the presence behind her delivery is captivating for sure. This presence is innocent and soft, perhaps appearing naive at first listen. The attention turns to being honest with a tinge of sarcastic relevance.

“Surprise, I’m not the marrying kind like her, And I don’t learn my lessons”

Marrying Kind – Lyrics

Marrying Kind,” is a track that dives deeper into themes of depression, change, understanding and grief which are all expressed on a bit of a rollercoaster ride. There is a sense that this track has bridged a gap, painting a lighter shadow on our own discovery of dissociative grief, displacing the barriers to our own self-discovery.

June Swoon New Single Marrying Kind on IMR

The Western motif, and big audio texture from rich guitar-driven tone is used as a canvas to explore dysfunctional relationships as they are framed by gender roles, “including themes of false intimacy and codependency,”

Ultimately, this song, and this album, are about synthesizing your true self – who sometimes seems unlovable – with the self that society has groomed you to be, and told you that you have to be, in order to deserve love. It is very painful to feel that your true self does not deserve love, and it is also very painful to disassociate from that self.

June Swoon

June Swoon will be doing a tour to promote the album in 2020. Stay connected by checking out her other social platforms here: