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Mirrors by Max Bernstein

A Reflection of Raw Emotions and Sonic Depths

Released as the eagerly anticipated third single from their upcoming album, Crossing Atlantic, Max Bernstein’s “Mirrors” engulfs listeners in a whirlpool of emotion, enveloped by a dark, epic, and energetic ambiance. This track, blending influences from grunge, indie rock, and alternative genres, embodies the tumult of internal and external chaos through its evocative lyrics and captivating arrangement.

Bernstein, renowned for their expansive artistic ventures, infuses “Mirrors” with unparalleled depth. The song commences with a stark image: a wrist hovering over a kitchen sink, a potent metaphor introducing a scene rife with tension and unresolved conflict. The din of life’s overwhelming moments silences communication, symbolized by the lines, “It’s too loud. I can’t hear a single thing you’re saying,” painting a vivid picture of disconnection.

Utilizing the imagery of rusting knives abandoned on a lawn, Bernstein paints a picture of neglect and decay, possibly alluding to the disintegration of relationships or self. The metaphor of ships sinking at dawn adds a tragic yet beautiful sense of despair and resignation to the narrative.

The musical landscape of “Mirrors” is intricately layered, reflecting its complex lyrics. Bernstein’s expertise on acoustic and electric drums, guitars, synths/keyboards, and vocals, along with contributions from musicians like Andrew Borkowski (cello) and Jorge Costa (background vocals), weaves a rich sonic tapestry. The diverse instrumentation, including French horn, bassoon, and various saxophones, lends the song a grandiosity that amplifies its emotional impact.

“Mirrors” extends beyond the realm of music; it serves as a reflective medium for the listener’s personal experiences and emotions. The haunting repetition of “We are mirrors” acts as a poignant reminder of our reflective connections with others and the world. It invites introspection and challenges us to face the hidden aspects of ourselves.

With meticulous recording and mixing by Jorge Costa at Gato Volador Studios and mastering by Mark Fuller, “Mirrors” stands as a testament to Bernstein’s artistic vision and technical prowess. Its dark, energetic, and epic mood, drawing comparisons to bands like Radiohead and Massive Attack, cements Max Bernstein’s status in the indie music sphere.