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Rose by Honeyed

A Thorny Embrace of Emo and Alternative Rock

Released into the wilds of the music world just 13 days ago, “Rose” by Honeyed is not your garden-variety single. Marking their second foray into the realm of music releases, Honeyed has taken a deliberate detour down the emo/alternative rock path, distinguishing “Rose” from its predecessor with a mood that’s simultaneously energetic, aggressive, and undeniably moody. This track is a visceral exploration of raw emotions, set against the backdrop of a sound that’s as rich and complex as the band’s diverse influences.

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Honeyed is composed of Brady McFarland (songwriter, vocals, guitar), Devin Fewkes (bass, background vocals), Jackson Mazziotti (guitar), and Teegan Benko (drums). The quartet’s varied musical backgrounds—from Midwest emo and math rock to Seattle grunge and classic rock—meld to form a sound that’s both nostalgic and refreshingly novel. “Rose” is a testament to this, weaving together aggressive guitar riffs, intricate drum patterns, and emotive vocals into a fabric that’s as delicate as it is fierce.

“Rose” takes listeners on a journey through the emotional landscape of youth, with all its tumultuous highs and lows. The track’s energy is palpable, driving forward with a relentless pace that mirrors the chaotic nature of the feelings it explores. Yet, there’s a certain beauty in its aggression, much like the flower it’s named after—beautiful to behold, yet armed with thorns.

Drawing inspiration from a wide array of bands, from Movements and Queens of the Stone Age to Teenage Wrist, Honeyed’s “Rose” manages to carve out a unique space within the emo/alternative genre. The track’s sound is a reflection of the band’s “Northwest Emo” ethos, a term coined by members Brady and Devin to describe their unique fusion of Midwest emo sensibilities and the grunge legacy of the Pacific Northwest.

With “Rose,” Honeyed solidifies their place as a band to watch in the indie music scene. Their ability to blend diverse musical influences into a coherent, compelling whole is a rare talent, and one that promises great things for their future. This track is a declaration of the band’s evolving identity and their willingness to explore the depths of their musical and emotional landscapes.