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Not Afraid of Your Crying Eyes by Chazzy Lake

A story about the song from the band:

The song was inspired through an experience in a recent relationship where my partner and I were having trouble communicating about certain insecurities and fears regarding each other. My partner was afraid to express certain emotions and be upfront about some feelings out of fear of hurting me, or being irrational.

So the song is me trying to express that I am here to take anything for you. I’m ready to help you through whatever it is and I’m not afraid to be hurt by what you might say because of the love I have for you. I’m hoping that the song transcends meaning past relationships and more towards empathy and compassion towards others in general. To be open to people’s feelings and opinions no matter how harmful they could be towards you because having your own self-respect as well as the respect for them and their differences will overcome any pain or harm.