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“For me, making music is the most child-like thing ever,” says Jian Liew, better known as Kyson, synth-shaman of teleporting sounds. “You’re just free, running around a field naked, doing whatever you want. There are no borders to what you can do. It’s limitless.” Such is the case in Kyson’s new single, “Slowdown,” where he finds that inner peace and freeness.  

The inimitable Kyson truly is a master of his craft. The musician-producer inspires notable people to get on board and support. This project had the help of talents BD Graft, Sebastian Maschat (Whitest Boy Alive), Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief/Nick Hakim/Local Natives), Heba Kaudry (Beach House/Bjork) and more. 

“Slowdown” (engineered by Sebastian Maschat) is a rhythmic escape. Offering a new sonic perspective for Kyson, where he melds past, present, and future styles together. Shimmering synths, cooing guitars, and cascading vocals (all recorded live in-studio) illuminate the track. The track truly hits its stride when the chorus starts and Kyson’s falsetto carries you away.

On the song, Kyson says, “‘Slowdown’ is a reminder to myself just to stop and take a breath, even though I like to think I’m calm, I’m actually a really hyperactive person, especially super early in the morning. I couldn’t count the number of times my father said to me ‘Slowdown Jian’ as a child, so that’s where the title is from.”