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The haunting insight into the tormented mind during a time of turmoil is powerfully expressed within ‘Not Okay’s cimmerian composition. The destructive disassociation from reality scrutinizes existence, while unpacking the human condition in a raw and confronting manner. The caliginous contortion of traditional sonic structures expresses a story close to PNK FME’s heart.

Through the administering of an escalating fervent tension, PNK FME designs a level of disquiet, before a stirring sonic shift in the final verse. Gnarled synths, distorted drums and spacious pads generate an uneasy bed for PNK FME’s tender vocal performance to shine through. ‘Not Okay’s abstract architecture captures the manic state of severe dejection battling the remnants of hope.

PNK FME’s mature and contemplative nature, delves deep into the human condition, as an individual wrestles with their mind’s ominous musings. The artist’s attention to detail is evident through his philosophical productions, which are matched harmoniously with heart-aching top lines. Profound introspection is intricately weaved throughout each of PNK FME’s tracks. Every aspect of PNK FME’s releases showcase the young musician’s developed mindset, as a producer and lyricist.