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On Me by 32 tens

Echoes of Nostalgia: 32 Tens' 'On Me' - A Poignant Journey Through Indie Dreams

32 Tens’ latest track, “On Me,” is a melancholic yet epic journey through nostalgia and reflection, released on November 9, 2023. This indie rock, indie pop, and alt-pop fusion blend to create a mood that is at once sad, epic, and chill, evoking a sense of introspection and communal empathy.

The inspiration for “On Me” comes from an intriguing encounter. Frontman Max Vickers’ chance meeting with two elderly gentlemen outside a Manchester pub led to an exchange of life stories, dreams, and regrets. This interaction profoundly influenced the song’s thematic fabric, imbuing it with a reflective and almost existential depth. The song’s narrative explores the universal human experience of contemplating what one might do differently if given another chance at youth.

Musically, “On Me” is a testament to 32 Tens’ ability to craft songs that are both accessible and profound. It’s the kind of track that encourages a communal sense of togetherness – envision a crowd swaying arm-in-arm – yet a deeper dive into its lyrics reveals layers of sensitivity and universality. The song is both a comforting embrace and a thoughtful muse on the human condition, making it a potential Christmas number one for a discerning listener.

32 Tens, named after a classic 90’s Nokia phone, hail from Warrington in the UK. The band is composed of Max Vickers (vocals), Sam Glancy (guitar), and Danny Hall (drums). Their music is a blend of dirty indie rock with influences from Jamie T, Jack White, and The Arctic Monkeys, marked by a raw, authentic energy that distinguishes them from the polished aesthetics of mainstream media. This authenticity is evident in “On Me,” which eschews pretense in favor of genuine emotional expression.

The song’s reception has been notably positive, with features on Spotify’s various indie playlists like “Hot New Bands,” “The Other List,” “Melomania,” “Fresh Finds UK & IE,” and “Class of 2023.” Critics and fellow artists alike have praised the band. From Jennifer Hudson’s remark about their captivating presence to Fatboy Slim’s personal connection with guitarist Sam, the acclaim highlights the band’s diverse appeal and charismatic impact.

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