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Body by Isla Noon

Embracing the Self: Isla Noon's 'Body' - A Journey of Identity and Artistry in Alt-Pop

Isla Noon’s “Body” is an evocative journey through the complexities of self-perception and identity. This latest release from Particle Recordings is a shining example of how dreamy alt-pop can be a powerful medium for conveying deep, introspective themes.

The song begins with Noon’s hauntingly beautiful vocals, inviting us into a realm of self-questioning and exploration. The line ‘Body, what do I do to make you my home?’ immediately sets the tone for a deeply personal narrative, one that resonates with anyone who has struggled with self-image and acceptance. Noon’s openness about her journey, discussing the societal pressures on physical appearance, is both relatable and courageous.

The collaboration with Maude Minnie Morris and the inclusion of Steph Brown on keys elevate the track, allowing it to oscillate between gentle introspection and a more dynamic, almost chaotic sound. This range mirrors the emotional journey of coming to terms with one’s physical self, making the song both a personal confession and a universal statement.

The music video adds a compelling visual layer to the song’s narrative. Noon’s description of the camera as a reflection of self and the building as a mental space is a powerful metaphor for the internal struggle of self-acceptance.

Isla Noon continues to carve out a unique space in the music world, drawing influences from artists like MUNA and Caroline Polachek while maintaining her distinct voice. “Body” is a testament to her growth as an artist and her ability to connect with listeners on a profound level.

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