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Melpo Mene is a brilliant songwriter who creates these cascading ephemeral experiences. I love the vintage percussive vibe that rolls in the back, keeping the pace, but not overwhelming. There is a warm tone that is evident in every voice. The atmosphere is eclectic, a bit surreal, and engaging. You come away feeling a bit like Alice just waking up from Wonderland.

Once Had It All is altogether wonderful. The cinematic and existential experience in the song is something very inviting. Melpo’s vocals are satisfying and mellifluous, they are nicely balanced alongside the flowing string parts and a very Radiohead like pace in the track.

This Swedish songwriter is continually writing fantastically flowing tunes (Get a Rocket) that inspire and create ambiance. He is also starting to get noticed, being picked up on a Hulu TV Series (Shut Eye Season 2) along with 20 other commercial and television placements. Melpo Mene is an artist to keep your eye on.