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“The track is about desiring that one day something you really want will be right where you want it to be, whether that is a dream, goal or a person. You dream about it so much that it absorbs every part of your brain, wishing you had it. The track ultimately puts you in a dream state thinking about your own “One Day” thoughts.”


That soaring journey up into the sky when you’re enchanted by a song is rare charm to find. RIIKI, is the epitome of an addiction sure to make you feel amongst the clouds. 

Uprising Wellington born, 20 year old RIIKI, has quickly snatched the attention of the music scene in the short amount of time her name has existed in the music world. Now in 2019, with a sharpened and unique spin on today’s indie-pop world, RIIKI is set to leave you in a trance. 

The past year for this unique up and coming artist has been jam-packed with preparation, working alongside Roundhead Studio’s mixing/producing prodigy Simon Gooding to deliver her first debut single ‘One Day’.

Her musical craft is infused by a diverse range of styles stretching across many genres. With a large scale range of influences such as Yellow Days, James Blake, JeffBuckley, Sampha, Mermaidens, Toro y moi, Steve Lacy and Jorja Smith to name a few, combining all her influences to blend her own unique sound, RIIKI produces every aspect of her music herself as her open diary, hoping to inspire and relate to others experiencing the same realms of young teen/adulthood.

This is only the beginning with what is guaranteed a lot more to follow and for RIIKI, 2019 is only just about to kick off.