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This is a song about anxiety and how It makes the simplest of life’s activities so difficult. The production of the song reflects the way it feels to be overcome with panic during anxiety. I like to thing sharing this makes others feel less alone.

Ava Heatley is a New York based singer-songwriter who has been writing songs and gigging since she was thirteen. An experienced recording artist, Ava’s passion is performing her songs live. She is influenced by great piano-based acts like Elton John and authentic female songwriters like Alanis Morissette.

As Ava puts it, “To me, songwriting is overreacting. It’s refusing to move on. It’s holding a grudge. It’s framing and illuminating the thoughts you get embarrassed you had ten minutes after thinking them. It’s taking moments that you’d otherwise let go and putting them in print, forever immortalizing them. It’s melodramatic.”

Party , Ava’s most recent single, is about her struggle with anxiety. Lyrically, it describes feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Ava wanted this song to sound like a panic attack feels by using airy guitars, monotonous piano and a doubled vocal that surrounds the listener. She called on a bunch of friends to record themselves talking for this track and laid it as a bottom layer at the end of the track to help add to the overwhelming chaos the song erupts into.