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Nikki Wives on IMR

Playing with Fire by Nikki’s Wives

“Playing With Fire” is a sultry rock single showcasing Nikki’s Wives rare ability to display raw honesty on longing and desire, and struts with a style colored by haute fashion and grime. The single serves as the first offering of their newest EP, expected later this year.

About the Artist:

With humble beginnings in the underground Canadian scene, within a year Nikki’s Wives have gone from rehearsals in a split basement to headlining sold-out Victoria’s Secret Superbowl parties.

Their growing reputation for seductive performances has drawn the acclaim of multi-platinum artists (CeeLo Green, Aaron Carter, She Wants Revenge), establishing the trio as in-demand creatives who freely bend genre barriers. The group’s most recent songwriting collaboration, “Show Me”, was hand-selected by Tiësto for release on his record label, garnering over 14,000,000 streams on Spotify and 3,500,000 plays YouTube.

Nikki’s Wives speaks with rare honesty, and struts with a style colored by haute fashion and grime.  Their social footprint continues to grow daily, having over 25,000 followers across their platforms. With their continuous touring for their dedicated fan base, the band will continue their upward trajectory.