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Postcards by Days of August

Days of August’s “Postcards” is a beautifully crafted indie folk song that captures the heartache of a lost love. The track begins with a mellow guitar riff and soft harmonies that gradually build up into a chorus with powerful vocal harmonies and intricate instrumentals.

The lyrics are poignant as the narrator reflects on a relationship that never came to fruition. The song’s sense of loss and longing is palpable as the narrator wonders what could have been and regrets not having closure. Despite the sadness of the subject matter, the song has a hopeful and nostalgic feel, which is conveyed through dreamy soundscapes and haunting melodies.

Days of August’s unique sound is a blend of indie and folk influences, and it’s clear that the band draws inspiration from some of the greats in the genre, such as Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, and The Paper Kites. The band’s skillful musicianship is evident in building up the song’s layers and creating a rich and textured sound.

Overall, “Postcards” is a beautifully crafted and emotionally resonant song that showcases Days of August’s impressive songwriting and musicianship. It’s a promising preview of what’s coming from the band’s upcoming album, and it excites me to hear more.