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Realism by JEWLS

JEWLS’ single “Realism” is a refreshing take on rejecting modern life’s superficiality. The song tells the story of feeling like a misfit in a world of vanilla girls and boys, and the artist prefers being alone rather than surrounded by people who don’t share her vibe. JEWLS’ ethereal harmonies, dreamy guitar and indie synths are expertly blended with a drum n bass beat that adds a surprising edge to the song.

One of the standout features of JEWLS’ music is her voice, which oscillates between fragility and darkness. This vocal style perfectly complements the elegiac lyrics of “Realism,” which are counterbalanced by the artist’s light-hearted attitude. The result is a song that exudes a peculiar honesty and playfulness, all while seeking hope in the soft blue of the night sky just before sunrise approaches.

Overall, “Realism” is an excellent introduction to JEWLS’ music and an exciting preview of her upcoming debut album, “There Is No Sunset.” The artist’s experimental and classical pop influences are evident in the melodic soundscape of the song, which manages to be both melancholic and uplifting at the same time. Fans of indie pop and electronic music will appreciate the unique sound of JEWLS and should definitely give “Realism” a listen.