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Okkervil River Will Scherff
Okkervil River Will Scherff

Pulled up the Ribbon by Okkervil River

Being released by ATO records, Will Schef and the Okkervil crew have released the second single, Pulled up the Ribbon, from the upcoming release of “In the Rainbow Rain” due to hit stores on April 27th/18.  The release of “Don’t Move Back To L.A” was few weeks or so prior and the band is slowly being noticed by performing new songs at recent shows.  Thank you Russ Boris and NPR for this gem: click here to watch Okkervil perform Famous Tracheotomies.

The new single is a fantastic followup to the previous release, “Away” in 2016. More spacey, open-minded and maybe moving into the trippy, kaleidoscopic category. The listener can pick up on some 70’s influence in the keys and that solid rhythm backbone that pushes Scheff’s meandering vocal. This is an impressive release, that does leave me eagerly awaiting the new album.