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RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down) by MONOWHALES

MONOWHALES release a new video for their catchy single “RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down)” today, after premiering the video to a live audience at Rolling Pictures in Toronto, on October 5. 

In order to realize their vision for RWLYD, a song that encapsulates the feeling of relief and empowerment from “pushing back”, the band brought together the same team behind their popular videos, “Take It Back”, “Real Love” and “Let It Go”. Directed by MONOWHALES and Dan Slater (West Films), and produced by Phil Kluba (Press It), the RWLYD video highlights four unique ‘worlds’, each carrying its own significance. 

“The playground scenes play off the image we used as the single cover. Here, we are submissive to the external forces mandating that we look and act a certain way in order to ‘make it’. We feel “beat up” and complacent while decked out in the typical Instagram-worthy outfit. We’re hanging upside down, and in uncomfortable positions, appearing like rag dolls to represent our complacency.”

Says lead vocalist Sally Shaar about the concept,