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Love this stripped down electronic sound. Great moody vocal really hits. That melancholy vocal alongside a glitchy bass equals the perfect low energy downtempo drift that will keep me playing over and over in my “Fuck, this all too much…” attitude…”

Great track.

About the artist:

Songs dealing with heartbreak and robot dogs, etc are recorded & sent out. Although rough demos these songs do well, loved by national DJs, TV plays, sold out gigs, national radio play, good write ups, etc, until…

Like a bastard, Anxiety hits from out of the blue.

Everything stops.

Years pass…


Spring 2019:

Everyones better now thanks. Looking through an old dusty, harddrive, the old demos are there, still sounding great but rough.



The songs are now improved, re-recorded, professionally mixed and mastered and are on the way out into the world again. This time no brain nonsense is going to get in the way.

i.e. New Wolves