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Shady Town by Corvair

Portland-based duo Corvair, composed of the talented husband and wife team of Heather Larimer and Brian Naubert, is back with a new single that promises to take listeners on a wild, riff-heavy road trip. “Shady Town,” the second single from their upcoming album “Bound to Be,” is a testament to the duo’s ability to craft evocative power pop that draws from a rich tapestry of musical influences.

Corvair’s sound is a harmonious blend of 70’s pop, 80’s synth rock, and 90’s indie rock. Their influences range from the Berlin-era Bowie to Blondie, and from Lee and Nancy to the Breeders. This eclectic mix ensures that their music is both timeless and resonant, appealing to a wide range of listeners.

Their album, “Bound to Be,” which is out now via Paper Walls, and the cult indie-pop label Where It’s At is Where You Are records, promises a diverse musical journey. From muscular rock anthems to languid pop confessionals, the album is a showcase of the duo’s versatility. With the addition of Northwest powerhouse drummer Mike Musburger, the album is set to be a treat for fans of the genre.

“Shady Town” is a song born out of the Pacific Northwest’s dreary winter months. As Heather Larimer puts it, the song was penned during a time when the duo was “losing their minds and fantasizing about escaping.” The track paints a vivid picture of a cross-country drive, filled with odd road trip details set against a sleazy guitar riff.

Brian Naubert’s description of the song’s creation process gives insight into the duo’s unique approach to music-making. Drawing inspiration from songs like “Cannonball” and even Gary Glitter, the aim was to create a track that was “sticky” and memorable. The song’s drumbeat, borrowed from a track Naubert’s 9th-grade band wrote about a rodeo, and the Doppler effects added for a sense of speed, give “Shady Town” its distinct, unrooted feeling.

The music video for “Shady Town” is as innovative as the song itself. Using their bodies as projection screens, the band showcases driving footage interspersed with random snapshots and psychedelic light spangles. The simple yet effective shoot technique, using a digital projector and a cheap deejay light, proves that creativity knows no bounds. Shot in a small bedroom corner and edited by Brian Naubert, the video is a testament to the band’s DIY spirit.

“Shady Town” is now available for fans to enjoy on Corvair’s Bandcamp, YouTube, and other streaming services.

“Shady Town” is a testament to Corvair’s ability to craft songs that resonate with listeners, drawing from their personal experiences and a rich tapestry of musical influences. As the duo continues to make waves in the indie-pop scene, fans can look forward to more innovative and evocative tracks from them in the future.