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Signals by A Days Wait

“A Days Wait” have dropped their latest single “Signals,” and let me tell you, it’s as if they’ve bottled that golden hour light at the end of a long, soul-searching road trip and turned it into sound. Produced by the ever-capable Mitchell Bowden, “Signals” feels like a love letter written in synth waves and sealed with a dream-pop kiss.

From the first note, “Signals” wraps you up in a blanket of nostalgia. There’s something about the vocal that comes in that’s like deja vu, a melody you swear you’ve heard in another life, maybe on a mixtape passed between friends in a high school parking lot. Adam and Trev, the childhood buddies behind A Days Wait, have been weaving music into the fabric of their lives since their early high school days. It shows in “Signals,” where every chord feels like a shared secret.

This track isn’t just another rung on the ladder to indie stardom; it’s a labor of love. You can almost picture the duo, heads bent over a four-track recorder in a basement, painstakingly layering each harmony, each synth line, until the air itself feels thick with emotion. The dedication they’ve poured into this project since its organic sprouting in 2020 is palpable. With three EPs under their belt and the guiding hand of producers like Mitch Bowden, it’s clear they’re not here to play the music game—they’re here to redefine it.

But “Signals” isn’t just a feast for the ears; it’s a heart thing, too. These guys are making melodies that matter, with proceeds funneling into charity. It’s music with a conscience, and that hits differently. There’s a sense that this isn’t just about creating tunes but about sending out, well, signals to the universe, a sort of sonic good karma.

Comparing “Signals” to Petey or The War On Drugs doesn’t quite do it justice. It’s got that same heartland rock vibe, but there’s an undercurrent of something else—a touch of Canadian coolness, maybe, or a glimpse of the steel city of Hamilton, where the industrial meets the dreamer.

In essence, “Signals” feels like A Days Wait has hit their stride. It’s more polished, sure, but not in a soulless, spit-shine kind of way. It’s the sheen of confidence, of finding that sweet spot between pop and rock where they can let their synths fly free without losing the grit that gives their music weight.