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Silver Moon by Scott Jackson

A Celestial Odyssey Through Sound and Meaning


Scott Jackson’s fourth full-length album, Silver Moon, is a journey through sound and introspection. Crafted entirely within his home studio in Colorado, this album captures the essence of independent music. Influenced by the delicate strumming of Nick Drake, the emotive storytelling of Iron and Wine, and the intricate arrangements of Tallest Man On Earth, Jackson has created something truly special. The result is a blend of intimate, acoustic melodies and expansive, thought-provoking lyrics.

Jackson’s home studio is more than just a recording space; it’s a creative sanctuary. Over six months, he meticulously crafted Silver Moon, starting each track with a central guitar part and building upon it through trial and error. This method results in songs that are polished yet retain a raw authenticity. Working in his own space allowed Jackson to explore and refine his sound without the constraints of hired studio time.

The album is rich with thematic depth, its lyrics offering a window into Jackson’s contemplative mind. Each song delves into different aspects of existence, from the earthly to the cosmic. Tracks like “To Call It Home,” “Gone Away,” and “Room to Spare” resonate with Jackson’s longing for the wild, uninhabited spaces. These songs reflect his distaste for urban chaos and his desire to find solace in nature, themes that will resonate with anyone yearning for simplicity and tranquility.

Listening to “To Call It Home” takes me back to a road trip I took through the Pacific Northwest. Driving along winding roads, surrounded by towering cedar trees, I felt a profound sense of peace and belonging. The song’s lyrics perfectly capture that feeling of finding a sanctuary in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

“Supernova” draws inspiration from the impending visibility of a supernova explosion, a cosmic event that serves as a metaphor for sudden and profound change. Jackson’s fascination with the stars and the mysteries of the universe is a recurring theme, inviting listeners to ponder their place in the cosmos.

In “The Universal Way,” “Misread,” “Fortunate,” and “Moonburn,” Jackson grapples with humanity’s limited understanding of the universe and our place within it. These songs explore the idea of our insignificance in the grand scheme of things. It’s a humbling perspective that challenges listeners to reflect on their own lives. Like the first time one visits the Grand Canyon, struck by its immense size and beauty. Standing at the edge, i imagine one can fell both insignificant and connected to something greater. “The Universal Way” evokes that sense of humility and contemplation, encouraging us to think about our place in the world.

The title track “Silver Moon” and “If I Was” delve into the concept of a fundamental connection between all forms of life. Jackson blends spiritual beliefs with scientific thought, suggesting that life and death are parts of a continuous cycle of energy transfer. This idea bridges the gap between Buddhist reincarnation and scientific reality, offering a unique perspective on existence. When I first heard “Silver Moon,” I was reminded of a conversation I had with a friend about the interconnectedness of all living things. It was interesting to hear about how every action we take can ripple through the universe, affecting everything around us. The song captures that sense of connection and continuity, making you feel part of a larger whole.

Jackson’s lyrics are as evocative as his melodies, painting vivid pictures and provoking deep thought. Here are some highlights:

“If I Was”:

  • “If I was an ocean blue / Sent by the wind / Crashing and bruised / Learning from the cosmic ruse / How to be undone”

“To Call It Home”:

  • “Cross the river / Find the cedar trees / And there in the shade will be / There in the shade is all I need / What a relief to call it home”

“Silver Moon”:

  • “See you when the winter breaks / And all the ice has gone away / Saving up for my first take / At seeing outer space”


  • “Could it really be / The center of the form I’ve taken / Staring down the road / Better off away from here / Watch the contest disappear like dust / As it burns evermore”

Jackson’s music reflects his personal experiences and philosophical musings. His approach to music is deeply introspective, each song a product of his thoughts and emotions. By performing and arranging all the instrumentation himself, Jackson ensures that his music is a true representation of his artistic vision. This authenticity shines through in every track, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery alongside him.

I remember attending a small, impromptu concert of another artist in a friend’s backyard. The intimate setting, with fairy lights strung up around us and a gentle breeze rustling the leaves, made the experience unforgettable. Hearing the stories behind these songs adds a layer of depth and connection to the music that you can feel in the album. Something as delicious as that feeling evoked from the backyard concert. I wish I could hear this album in that setting.

Silver Moon is an experience that invites listeners to explore the depths of their own thoughts and emotions. Through intricate guitar work, evocative lyrics, and a sense of wonder, Scott Jackson has created a work that transcends the ordinary. As you listen to Silver Moon, allow yourself to be carried away by its beauty and depth, and let Jackson’s celestial musings inspire your own journey through the universe.