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Smelter is about contrast. 

If you grew up in the forest, take a walk in the desert.

If you know the curve of the sunrise, find the place it never sets.

If your feet freeze on tundra, seek heat from beach sand.

Live move time elsewhere.

The single art was intended to reflect this narrative. The piece was made by members of the band photographing a back-lit pane of painted glass with the sigil etched out, followed by digital edits to bring out smoldering tones and textures. 

In line with Smelter’s lyrical motifs, the track’s recording process involved merging contrasting musical elements into a cohesive whole through electronic production, angelic falsettos, metal guitar licks, and an energetic live delivery. 

About the Band

Ayla Ray is a group formed of Alaskan hometown friends by singer/songwriter Sam Tenhoff and bassist/producer Raven Liss. The duo have been playing together since meeting in elementary school, developing a sound over the years that leans the group heavily into rock with undertones of electronic, soul and R&B. 

With a collaboration of artful stage props, lighting, and a high energy live performance, Ayla Ray brings a full experience to the dance floor and strives to bend genre in and out of the studio.

The group is based in Portland, Oregon and will be releasing their debut album in November 2019.