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Take A Break by Punch Drunk Tagalongs

This song is about taking time to rest. Even with big dreams and goals, whether personal or political, rest is an important part of healing and energy. Taking the time to slow down, enjoy a calm morning, and relax should be a part of your life that you enjoy just as much as you may enjoy pursuing your goals.

Punch Drunk Tagalongs started as a few songs written and played by Alisha Stahnke in her bedroom and at open mics in 2015. She soon realized that an acoustic guitar and her voice weren’t enough to properly display the power and force behind the songs, so she enlisted local, Akron noise-makers Caleb Lemmo and Alex Wright to give a dose of electric intensity to her acoustic tunes. The new group first appeared in a dingy basement in Akron, surrounded by friends, with just a few weeks of rehearsals behind them. Several rehearsals and shows later, the trio added Wesley Who, a Cleveland-based garage rocker, to provide the back beat to their guitar driven jams.

Punch Drunk Tagalongs roots are in Akron, but they recently moved north and found a home in Cleveland. Over the past year, the Punch Drunk Tagalongs have played 50 shows, started to tour regionally, and have been hard at work in the studio. The sound has evolved quite a bit since its humble acoustic beginnings and first few basement practices. What started off as a softer and more singer-song writer focused project now has a variety of quirky, heavy, and crunchy sounds to transition between from song to song. As the band evolved so did their pedal boards, which now act as a pallet of colorful tones they use to paint details into the corners of their music while simultaneously dipping their toes in shoe gaze elements.

Punch Drunk Tagalongs blend grunge, distortion, fuzzy riffs and psychedelic/experimental leanings with a melodic undertow that drives their affecting music. A Punch Drunk Tagalong show is a whirlwind of energy and emotions guided by a nostalgic trip through heart of 90’s grunge and the riot grrrl movement. Band members pull inspiration from a variety of different genres and artists including: Wolf Alice Angel Olsen Slothrust Courtney Barnett Unwound Fugazi White Stripes , and Love . The mashing of these genres creates a collage of sound waiting to be uncovered in their music.