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Speedchaser by HighStreet x Gia Valentine

“Speedchaser” by HighStreet featuring Gia Valentine is a solid track that brings together two distinct musical worlds in a way that works surprisingly well. HighStreet, the project of Melbourne-based composer Frank Tantaro, is steeped in ’80s nostalgia, from the synthesizers to the Italo Disco influences. Frank’s self-taught background in music and production has led to a sound that’s a nod to the past while still feeling current.

On the other side, we have Gia Valentine, a unique artist from San Antonio, Texas. Her avant-garde style and personal lyrics have made her a name to watch in the music scene. Her EP, “111,” was a promising start, and it’s interesting to see where she’s going next.

The collaboration on “Speedchaser” is a good match. HighStreet’s electro-pop production provides a steady backdrop for Gia’s vocals, which add a layer of depth to the track. The verse/chorus structure that HighStreet often uses is there, but it’s Gia’s voice that gives it a more narrative feel. It’s a balanced effort that highlights both Frank’s production skills and Gia’s vocal range.

What stands out about the track is how it manages to blend retro and modern elements. HighStreet brings the ’80s vibes, while Gia’s vocals make it feel up-to-date. It’s a nice mix that should appeal to a broad audience.

If there’s room for improvement, it might be in adding a bit more variation in the melody or structure to keep the listener on their toes. But overall, it’s a well-executed track that does what it sets out to do.

This is a solid track that showcases the strengths of both artists. While it may not be groundbreaking, it’s a pleasant listen that many will enjoy.